Supply List for the Journey into Mindful Mandalas

The supplies you will need are simple and you may have many around the house. If you don’t, order these online. I’ve listed what is essential and what is optional, plus the approximate price to date.

You can order these as a bulk item from Amazon.

Please be sure to use Amazon Smile and make Healing Icons your charity of choice.  A percentage of your sales goes to foster our mission.

To date, the total cost of these basic supplies are $36.11

  • Reeves Watercolor Pencils 12 - $8.69
  • SunWorks Heavy Weight Black Construction Paper – 100 sheets $3.69
  • Mead Composition Journal - $1.99
  • Oxford Blank Index Cards – 100 - $1.49
  • Sharpie fine and ultra-fine black markers - $3.64
  • Elisel 10 pcs Paint Brushes - $5.99
  • 4”x 6” Scotch Self-Seal Laminating pouches - $3.67
  • SunWorks Construction Paper 18” x 24” 50 sheets - $6.95

Week One


1. Watercolor Pencil Set

We will be using this set as both a dry and a wet set.  During the first week you will only be using the white pencil from this set.


2. Pencil Sharpener

3. Black Card Stock/Construction Paper

Heidi will show you show to cut this paper into 4’ x 6” pieces in the first class.


4. Compass or Circle Template

There are plenty of circle templates around the house - anything bit less than 4” will do just fine – a jar lid, a small bowl

5. Sketchbook / Journal - no smaller than 5” x 8

There are plenty of circle templates around the house - anything bit less than 4” will do just fine – a jar lid, a small bowl

If you don't have one: Mead Composition Journal - $1.99


If you really get into the black and white mandala practice, you might consider…

Black Paper Scrapbook or Photobook

I like a small one that I can keep with me in my briefcase/satchel or a larger one just in case I feel like working big.

Week Two



2. Leaded Pencil

Any pencil will do


If you really get into this, a series of Graphite Pencils can be fun to use. They come in different hardnesses which relates to the amount to graphite they leave on the page.  The H Series is the hardest, so it has a lighter touch. HB Series is more like a regular pencil and the softest is the B series which makes a very dark mark.

Week Three

No supplies to purchase for this week.  You will need your favorite writing pencil or ink pen.

Week Four



4. Paper Towels and a Paper or Plastic Cup for Water

Week Five

No new Materials are needed.

Week Six



2. A storage “container” for your mandalas

Plastic baggie, box, or large envelope

Week Seven



2. Gather things from Nature

Flowers and Herbs, Sticks and Stones, Seeds and Berries, Sand and Shells…

Week Eight

No new Materials are needed.